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Balwinder Gill

Certified GLP Instructor
Certified Driving Instructor
Owner and Operator of MDS

Years of Teaching Experience: 18


“I’ve been driving the sea to sky highway for over 20 years now. My previous employment used to be in Whistler and as such I have been a resident in Squamish now for sometime. Having driven through those winding highways before the renovations, I still remember why it was called the highway of death. I have lost friends on that highway, ones who simply wanted to get to work to provide for their families. It used to be a killer. Now with the improvements, accidental rates are at an all time low. The reason I became an instructor is to advocate safe driving and to personally train each and every student I encounter to the best of my ability. I have seen and been in vehicles with drivers who lacked the experience necessary to be on these roads, and if I can help stop that from happening, I will. I welcome anyone and everyone to try driving and promise to make it a safe environment for learning.”